The readings below are given for Sipser's Theory of Computation textbook; depending on the edition you have, the numbers of chapters or sections may be different; the headings are probably similar, and the order is probably similar.
Thurs Jan 22 Course Description and mathematical background
Thurs Jan 29 Finite Automata; Nondeterminism Regular Expressions; Non-regular languages
Thurs Feb 5 Context-Free grammars and pushdown automata
Thurs Feb 12 MidTerm exam
Thurs Feb 19 the Church-Turing Thesis
Thurs Feb 26 Decideable languages; the Halting Problem
Thurs Mar 5 Reducibility The Recursion Theorem
Thurs Mar 12 No class: Spring Break
Thurs Mar 19 MidTerm exam
Thurs Mar 26 Measuring complexity; the class P; the class NP
Thurs Apr 2 NP-complete problems
Thurs Apr 9 Space Complexity
Thurs Apr 16 MidTerm exam
Thurs Apr 23 Intractability
Thurs Apr 30 Interactive Proof systems Cryptography
Thurs May 7 (last day of class) Final