Tentative lecture schedule
Fall 2013

Readings are from Harris and Harris, Digital Design and COmputer Architecture. I used the second edition in making up the syllabus, but the first edition should serve also, except that you may have to work to get the section numbers to match my suggested readings. The lecture topics should give you a hint, and the fact that I intend to plow through the text from front to back.

You're quite likely to need a textbook to do the later labs, so bite the bullet and buy one. I usually get used books from abebooks.com.

datetopicassigned reading before lecture
Thurs Jan 21 Syllabus. Lect 1: Ohms law, series and parallel resistors; Kirchoff's current and voltage laws, Analog components and measuring tools
Thurs Jan 28 Lect 2 transistors (bipolar and cmos, n and p channel) as amplifiers and switches; alternating currents, frequency response capacitive reactance and phasor analysis. Frequency response
Thurs Feb 4 Operational Amplifiers and Sensors http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/semiconductors/chpt-8/op-amp-practical-considerations/ http://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/43-09/Edch%201%20op%20amps.pdfBuilding a revolution sensor
Thurs Feb 11 Managing complexity. numbers, arithmetic, logic gates chapter 1 Lab01 Full Adder
Thurs Feb 18 Combinational logic, Propagation delay chapter 2Lab02 Seven-Segment Display
Thurs Feb 26 Sequential Logic, Finite State Machines Chapter 3 Lab03 Adventure Game
Thurs Mar 3 Hardware Description LanguagesChapter 4 Make-up, finishing Adventure game
Thurs Mar 10 Digital Building BlocksChapter 5Lab04 Thunderbird Turn Signal
Thurs Mar 17 No class spring break
Thurs Mar 24 ArchitectureChapter 6Lab05 32-Bit ALU and Testbench
Thurs Mar 31 Side-track to the PIC12F683Your name in Morse code
Thurs Apr 7 Side-track to the PIC Lab06 PIC lab 1
Thurs Apr 14 Side-track to the PIC Lab07 PIC lab 2: ADC and interrupts
Thurs Apr 21 Micro-ArchitectureChapter 7Lab09 MIPS Single-Cycle Processor
Thurs Apr 28 Memory and IOChapter 8Turning the revolution sensor into an IO device.
Thurs May 5 Final Exam