Stephen E. Taylor
790 West Brookfield Road
New Braintree, Massachusetts 01531
(508) 867-9288(H)


Ph.D. Computer Science, 1995, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA Dissertation: The Capitalist Method: An Approach to Analytic Modeling of Multi-dimensional File Structures
M.S., Computer Science, 1990, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
B.A., Mathematics, 1968, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA


University of West Bohemia, , 301 00 Plzen, Czech Republic
Researcher Fall 2017 to present

Professor Fall 2013 to Spring 2017
Associate Professor Fall 2008 to Spring 2013
Assistant Professor Fall 2002 - Spring 2008

Chaired the graduate program in Computer Science
Coach student programming team.
Organize High School programming contests.
Organized microcontroller and robotics course for High School teachers.
Developed courses in Natural Language and Speech Processing, Ethics for Computer Scientists.
Researched Arabic dialect during sabbatical in Damascus, Syria, 2009-2010.


BIRZEIT UNIVERSITY , Ramallah, Palestine
Adjunct Faculty Fall 2014

Adjunct Faculty Spring 2010

COLLEGE of the HOLY CROSS , Worcester, MA
Visiting Assistant Professor Fall 1999 - Spring 2002

Taught courses in Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Data Structures, and a survey course.
Developed course in Robotics, microcontrollers, and embedded systems. Students build and program microcontroller interfaces.
Researched theory of algorithms and computational linguistics.
Directed student research in finite-state-machines leading to publication.
Coached computer programming team.
Hosted Regional Preliminary Round for ACM 2001 Computer Programming Contest.
Led student Math/CS club activities.

Independent Contractor Fall 1998 - spring 1999

Wrote communications programs for Extech portable printer.
Reverse engineered dye-mixing programs for Cranston Printworks.
Wrote driver for LexMark 5700 printer for Aladdin Ghostscript.


Lecturer 1997-1998 Academic Year

Taught microcomputer system design, Pascal, and pre-calculus mathematics courses.
Set up and supervised system of student-led tutorials.
Served on Student Advising Committee and Computer User Committee.
Wrote statistical evaluation of university entrance examination, which led to offering some students opportunities for advanced placement.
Organized and maintained computer lab for tutorials.


Visiting Assistant Professor 1996-1997 Academic Year
Instructor Spring 1993 - 1995

Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in mathematics and operating systems, databases, C++, computer architecture and assembly language.
Advised and supervised student projects in simulation, distributed systems, robotics, multi-threading.
Wrote portable thread package, and 32-bit protected mode PC OS as frameworks for student assignments.
Prepared Web pages for courses in HTML.
Negotiated Oracle educational license and administered Oracle system on Solaris.

Principal Software Engineer 1985-1993
Worked on DG's CEO office automation products:
Revised PC communications software.
Fixed bugs in SMTP email interface.
Ported file server to TCP/IP sockets.
Helped design and develop DG's next-generation office environment.
Proposed, specified and implemented a language for actions on data changes.
Proposed and specified alerter and trigger protocols for database.
Proposed and specified security extensions for proxy access to resources.
Formulated specifications for user task language.
Worked on protocols and GUI specification for Calendar application.
Evaluated vendor tools and software for inclusion in the project.
Extended and maintained decision support products:
Reworked spreadsheet storage management and screen management.
Enhanced personal database tools with virtual fields and multiple access.
Added new device support to charting and graphics tools.
Rewrote floating point display routines for better accuracy.
Extended and optimized a heterogeneous database tool.
Designed and implemented an interactive report generator.
Ported Kyoto Common Lisp to DG Aviion.

Senior Systems Programmer 1969-1985

Maintained and extended operating system
Added filesystem API to allow inserting data blocks in middle of files.
Added scheme for passing initial command to programs.
Developed internal OS API for invoking jobs (unix fork() equivalent.)
Wrote routines for user management of IO buffers.
Developed user validation process to run in networked. front-end PDP-11.
Wrote BASIC compiler for DECsystem-10 which resulted in $75,000 in software sales to other sites, as well as attracting customers to the timesharing service.
Made extensive performance improvements in Fortran compiler.
Maintained COBOL runtime library.
Wrote time-sharing system usage accounting and invoicing programs.


Association for Computing Machinery.
ACM Special Interest Group for Management of Data
IEEE Data Engineering Special Interest Group
IEEE Computer Society.
Association for Computational Linguistics
Arabic Linguistics Society
Association for Machine Translation


FSU Graduate Council, 2008-2012
Technical Support for Follow the Women Middle East bicycle ride for peace, May 2008.
Chair of Department Accreditation Effort 2005-2008
FSC All-College Curriculum Committee, 2004-2008
Host for High School Programming Contests at Fitchburg State, 2005-present
Host, Preliminary round of ACM International Programming Contest, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Association for Machine Translation Webmaster, 2004-2009
FSC Human Subjects Committee, 2003-2004
FSC Academic Policy Committee, 2002-2004
East Quabbin Area Land Trust, Treasurer 2001-2002.
Worcester Art Museum Ad Hoc Technology Advisory Committee, 1996 - 1997
Tri-Parish Church Committee 1990 onward. Chair for Pastoral Search 1993 - 94
 New Braintree Town Planning Board 1971 - 1993. Chairman for over ten years. Developed Growth Regulation Bylaw for town.


Fulbright Fellowship, September 2009 – June 2010

FSC Ruth Butler Grant of work-study student, Spring 2008
FSC Gallucci Grant to attend Computability in Europe conference in Siena, Italy, June 2007
FSC Fall 2005 Course release grant
FSC Ruth Butler Grant of work-study student, Spring 2003


Under-grad courses: Computer Science I & II; Systems Programming; Programming Languages; Web Programming; Digital Electronics; Computer Organization; Compiler Construction; Robotics.
Grad courses : Discrete Mathematics; Analysis of Algorithms; Theory of Computation; Computer Engineering; Practice of Programming; Natural Language Processing; Operating Systems.


Shamy Dictionary, an Android phone app for an Arabic Dialect Dictionary, 2012

Soft Arabic Keys an Android phone app for Arabic Text Input, 2012

Software for Recognizing Textual Entailment for NIST TAC workshop, November 2008 (with Andy Montalvo-Huhn)

Question Answering Software for NIST TREC workshop 2007 (with Andy Montalvo-Huhn and Nikhil Kartha)
Document Summarization Software for NIST Document Understanding workshop 2006 (with Matthew Glover)
Arabic to English Machine Translation Software submission for NIST MT-EVAL Workshop 2005
Printer Driver for LexMark 5700 printer. Included in Mandrake Linux and Aladdin Ghostscript distributions.
--C compiler for Microchip 14bit PIC microcontroller chips.
Suite of concurrent programming tools for teaching operating systems.
BASIC compiler for PDP-11.
BASIC compiler for DecSystem 10 computer.


" UWB at KSAA-RD shared task: Computing the meaning of a gloss " Proceedings of ArabicNLP 2023, pp. 461-466

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Keynote address, Making Plans, Clark University Graduate Student Multidisciplinary Conference, April 2011

CONFERENCES and WORKSHOPS not listed above

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